Is my information secure?

C-alert takes all the normal precautions to make your data as safe and secure as possible. However, most profile information is optional and we recommend you to only share what you feel comfortable with sharing.

Do I need to order a new card or member kit if I update my profile?

No, by signing into your member profile you can update your information and click the save button to see the updates in real time. This functionality is available for the lifetime of your membership using our dynamic system.

Why do you need my mailing address?

Your mailing address is required just to ship your card and kit to you now and/or in the future with future orders.

What fields are required on my profile?

We only require a few key fields on your profile. These include:

  1. Name, so we know who you are
  2. Email, in case we need to contact you and for login purposes
  3. At least one emergency contact, to have one person within reach in case of emergency.