Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to SAVE LIVES by providing a Dynamic Personal Information system utilizing custom encoded member ID’s linked to our cloud-based secure database which allows First Responders and Medical Professionals to view a C-alert Member’s vital information instantly and to do so in a member controlled dynamic environment.  

Our Vision is to reinvent the industry for the instantaneous delivery of vital emergency information. Our vision is that of a global company working with institutions and individuals across national boundaries in a cooperative and positive manner for the benefit of all people.

At C-alert, our sole mission is Saving Lives. C-alert systems are designed to provide your life saving vital information instantly when needed. There are a thousand ways to call for help, but only C-alert provides the critical information needed to ensure you receive the finest care possible.

When you need a First Responder, Medical Professional or just help from a kind soul, scanning any C-alert ID with a cell phone instantaneously delivers the vital information you wish to share. Your secure vital information, selected and controlled by only YOU!  

Our Story

C-alert was created after our founder, Fabio Tagliasacchi survived an emergency triple bypass in 2017. Recognizing he was in cardiac distress and not knowing any of his prior medical history, the First Responders on the scene considered giving him nitroglycerin which is correct and normal for someone exhibiting the same cardiac symptoms. Fabio is highly allergic to nitroglycerin. Fortunately, he was able to communicate this medical issue in time, but what if he had not been able to?

During the long recovery and rehabilitation period that followed. That question kept creeping into his thoughts . . . How can a person share their vital information in moments of distress or need? 

Regardless of Age or Health . . . We all need C-alert . . . Stuff Happens.

Fabio decided to solve this missing information problem and in so doing Save Lives. He interviewed numerous First Responders, Medical professionals, and Special Interest Groups seeking to understand the underlying issues they face when trying help a person in moments of need or distress. Their guidance and suggestions laid the foundation for C-alert !

Fabio was lucky to survive his cardiac incident, but many people are not. When you need help, every second counts. C-alert Save Lives!

C-alert ID’s instantly deliver your Vital Information!

Watch our founder Fabio Tagliasacchi being interviewed by Chris Shaw.

C-alert empowers you to pick what to share with a First Responder or Medical Professional. You and only you control what is seen!

(a few of the options you may select to share)

Vaccine ProofNegative Test Results  

Medical historySurgical History

Emergency ContactsMedical Directives



Personal Notes